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Joining STEPS Pathways College two months ago, Sebastian has quickly discovered what real independence feels like.

Sebastian’s parents, Bryan and Gaenor, heard of STEPS Pathways College through Bryan’s work in the disability sector, where the College’s online and in person programs had developed a strong reputation.

“We decided to enrol Sebastian because we just felt that he wasn’t developing the independence skills that I thought he was capable of at home,” Gaenor shared.

“He’s been doing great at the College, already we’re noticing a big difference in his personal development and his confidence is building a lot.”

Bryan also shared his excitement about the immediate impact of the program on Sebastian, adding how Sebastian’s time at STEPS Pathways College has given him access to the same opportunities as everyone else.

“As parents, we have always had a dream for Sebastian that he’d be fully included in our community and for him to pursue his dreams,” Bryan said.

“We want him to have a life as good as his sisters and he will, we can already see that pathway just opening up in front of him, so it’s very exciting.”

Interested in finding out more about Australia’s first and only boarding college for young adults with a disability or autism? Contact us here.

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