Live and learn on campus as a Boarding Student

STEPS Pathways College boarding program is a leading model for independent living education and a first of its kind in Australia. Students boarding at STEPS Pathways College fast-track their journey to independence through a holistic experience that combines simulated independent living in a safe and supported environment with class and community-based learning.

Based in Caloundra, Queensland, the boarding college program runs for two years over 48 weeks per year and is open to young adults over the age of 18 with an intellectual disability and autism.

In addition to learning core independent living skills, students take part in pathways to employment through training, work experiences and volunteering. Boarding students live on campus in modern 2 and 3 bedroom apartments where they enjoy the privacy of their own bedroom, bathroom and patio, and share a living room, kitchen and outdoor entertainment area as well as a range of on-campus facilities.

Fun, friendships and socialising play a big role in the college environment where students forge lifelong bonds with their college mates.

A day in the life

A day in the life of our students at STEPS Pathways College includes waking up in their own home and doing all the things any young independent adult might do before heading off to College, but in a safe and supported environment. Before class students will get ready for their day including making breakfast and lunch for the day and cleaning up before they go.

At College students will participate in scheduled learning (healthy living skills, food planning, preparation and cooking, healthy relationships, money management, other), and in the afternoon will participate in afternoon exercise and extra-curricular activities (sport, boxing, dancing, creative activities).

At night students prepare food and cook dinner in their homes and carry out regular activities such as cleaning up after dinner, showering, and winding down after dinner with friends or taking some personal time out before bed.

Students clean their units and do their laundry as part of their weekly program, so that they can enjoy their weekends participating in social activities and excursions.

There are 4 weeks of holidays throughout the year at STEPS Pathways College where students can return to their family home or make alternative arrangements.

What are the outcomes?

STEPS Pathways College will provide every opportunity for the student to develop the skills necessary to live a life independent of their families. The College can significantly change the shape of a student’s life and build confidence, to make their dream of living independently a reality. We have a number of students who have now successfully taken this next step in their journey and we would love to help you with your goals too.

Contact us today and start the journey towards independence!

Core areas of learning

Our innovative, holistic learning model features 10 core areas that combine practical learning with hands-on experience. Students gain a range of skills that help them to make informed choices and decisions in day-to-day life, as well as navigate some of life’s bigger challenges.

Our specialised program focuses on building skills and knowledge in 10 core areas of learning:

  • Communication for everyday life
  • Social skills (interacting and relating to others)
  • Home living skills
  • Healthy living skills
  • Healthy relationships
  • Community connections (road safety and accessing transport)
  • Recreation skills (planning and experience)
  • Finding and maintaining a tenancy
  • Pathways to employment
  • Technology, literacy, and numeracy for life

The application process

The application process will give you the opportunity to visit the campus, undertake meetings with trainers and meet with Managing Director.

The College supports a range of disabilities and consideration is given to an individuals capacity to live at the college and successfully complete their studies.

Individuals who do not meet the college criteria may be able to undertake a range of other STEPS programs and services that provide independent living skills to suit all levels of ability.

The application process usually takes approximately six months.

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