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Studio 10 viewers all across Australia had the chance to meet one of our amazing STEPS Pathways College students, Chad Bridgman.

Recently, Chad was brave enough to share his story with the media, detailing how far he has come since having a stroke almost eight years ago.

Now 19, Chad hasn’t let anything hold him back and has been making massive strides in becoming an independent young man.

Chad’s story was powerful enough to get Channel 10 to interview him for a live cross, with Chad going live on the 12th of July for Studio 10.

Studio 10’s interviewer, Jesse Baird, toured Café on George and was even served scones and a cappuccino – freshly made by Chad!

“I never liked going to school but, being here, I do now,” Chad shared with Studio 10.

“It’s fun and enjoyable, I feel supported by the teachers.”

Chad was also joined in the interview by Café trainer Michelle Lamb, fellow student Corey Burke, and STEPS Pathways College CEO Anne Nioa.

Everyone had a load of fun, and, most importantly, Chad had the chance to share his wonderful journey and just how far he has come at STEPS Pathways College.

Chad has been with STEPS Pathways College for just under a year and has described the College as his chance to “try to move forward” and find his place in the world.

Struggling through some of his schooling, Chad says that he has now found his “peace” at STEPS Pathways College.

Chad’s success has also been noted by his teachers, with STEPS Pathways College trainer Craig Bardsley noting the immense change that Chad has had in recent years.

“Chad has transformed from someone who was uncertain about his future and felt like he had little control over any of the decisions made about him, into an assertive man who is now set on a path with direction,” Craig said.

“He now speaks with confidence and advocates for himself and is helping other students to do the same.

“He is a leader in class and is setting a great example of what it means to be a STEPS Pathways College Student.”

Chad’s interview also centred around his time in the College’s cafe work experience, where Chad has been working in the fully functional Café on George at our Caloundra campus.

Like Chad, if a student chooses to undertake the program, they have the chance to learn how to make coffees, create sandwiches, serve customers, take orders, and maintain kitchen hygiene.

“I have gotten better at a lot of things, and I’m far more confident in doing them,” Chad said.

“Before I started at the café, there were a lot of things that I didn’t think I could do.

“Now, having done them and been good at them, I feel confident in pursuing a job in a café after I leave STEPS Pathways College.

“I know I can be a valuable employee.”


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Alastair Mcleod with STEPS Pathways students in STEPS Cafe on George