STEPS Online Learning Program is Leading the Way

The Online Learning Program focuses on teaching young adults living with disability independent living skills for a life of their own design. The new online program provides a holistic approach to learning independent living skills with a curriculum-based service covering five key areas of learning.

Students are free to choose from topics that include:

  1. Home Living Skills – understanding your home environment
  2. Kitchen & Food Preparation Skills – health & safety in the kitchen, options for food shopping, as well as an online cooking class
  3. Healthy Living Skills – body language & conflict resolution
  4. Real Life Skills –managing stress & operating in an environment of change
  5. Numeracy, Literacy & Technology for Life – understanding digital reputation

How does the Program work?

The program is interactive and includes a combination of online classwork, group discussions and project-based activities to enhance the participants’ learning. The online learning program will now be a permanent offering for participants Australia-wide.

STEPS welcome regional students to engage with the course to inhibit the chances of social isolation. Class sizes are delivered at a level where all participants have the opportunity of contributing and progressing at a similar pace.

If you or someone you support would like to commence in the program, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It’s a simple application process and we have staff on board to help with the setup.

Weekly online course outline:

  • Monday: Home Living Skills
  • Tuesday: Kitchen Skills & Nutrition with some live cooking courses
  • Wednesday: Healthy Living Skills
  • Thursday: Real Life Skills
  • Friday: Numeracy, Literacy and Technology for Life (Budgeting & Cyber safety etc.)

Tech requirements:

  • A device (desktop computer, laptop, iPad/tablet, phone)
  • Wifi
  • Email address

Now taking enrolments

For more information, please call STEPS Pathways College on 07 5458 3000 or enquire using the form below.

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