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March was another positive month at STEPS Pathways College and students continued their journey towards independence by building independent living skills.

This month’s focus was communication in everyday life. In the classroom students learned how to communicate more effectively, including body language, communication styles and strategies for dealing with conflict.

Students enjoyed a variety of activities both inside and outside the classroom and this allowed them to learn and develop their communication skills in different environments.

Two lessons that were a standout: the “Amazing Race” style challenge and the “Crocodile River” team-building activity. Next time I’ll have to make the “Amazing Race” more difficult, as most students found it a bit too easy!

As a trainer it’s very satisfying seeing students develop important communication concepts such as learning to be assertive during conflict. By learning key communication skills, students are becoming more independent in improving and maintaining their relationships with friends, family and support staff. For one student this allowed her to develop a genuine friendship with someone new for the first time since moving to the college.

Effective communication is a core skill for independent living and students will continue to develop their communication skills throughout the year and in new topics over the coming months.

After Easter we are learning about recreation skills and healthy living habits. I look forward to revisiting healthy living skills as I am passionate about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading this blog! I can’t wait to let you know what we get up to next month.

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STEPS Pathways College Trainer

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