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In the classroom and out, April was an exciting month at STEPS Pathways College as we tackled a new topic, and the boarding students continued to practice their independent living skills back in their accommodation units. Recreational skills was the theme for this month and unsurprisingly it was a big hit amongst the students!

We delved into planning and organisation with students arranging a movie day, complete with healthy drinks and snacks. The students took a trip to the Caloundra Community Centre and the Tourist Information Centre and were able to collect brochures and learn about other recreational activities on offer.

The group had the opportunity to explore the arts and meet the Sunshine Troupe, a performing arts group for young adults with a disability. The visit was a great opportunity for students to develop networks which will certainly benefit them when they move on from STEPS Pathways College.

It’s also great seeing students grow in confidence. When I started teaching at the College, some of our students were a little hesitant when it came to trying new things. It’s a whole different story now, with students keen to jump in and participate in all sorts of new activities and step outside their comfort zone more often than not. It’s great to see these attitudes have a positive impact on our fresh faces too, as the newer students feel more comfortable settling in to a new routine.

This month we welcomed a new student as a part of our day program. The day program has been developed to give local young adults with a disability the opportunity to take part in our unique curriculum and practice what they learn in the comforts of their own home.

In the classroom this month we studied the social and health benefits of participating in recreational activities. We also developed time management skills by making calendars with their favourite activities marked out. In May we’ll move onto healthy living skills and I’m looking forward to seeing students continue to grow in this area of learning.

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