Ariana’s Pathway to Success

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Ariana Nioa has embarked on the next chapter of her life, securing employment at Caloundra RSL, after graduating from STEPS Pathways College on the Sunshine Coast.

The 25-year-old Maryborough woman has called the College home for the last two years, studying as a boarding student, for Ariana’s mum Anne, the experience has been life-changing.

“Ariana’s very confident now in her ability to go to work, cook her meals, budget, shop and get from A to B, so that’s been a huge change,” Anne said.

“I’m so very proud of her achievements.

“For the first 23 years of Ariana’s life, it was just me, so having the opportunity for her to spread her wings and also for me to explore new opportunities because I wasn’t a 24/7 carer anymore, has been quite inspirational.

“I think the biggest change in Ariana has been her self-confidence, she no longer refers to me all the time for small problems, self-confidence has been instilled in her in a very inclusive way.

“She’s brave and ready to take on the world.

“A huge thank you to all the people who have supported Pathways College, the Sunshine Coast businesses and community, they are changing the landscape of people with disabilities and they’re also changing lives of the parents, because we now have the space to explore options that were never available to us beforehand.

“To everyone that has made this college a reality, it’s an extraordinary gift to people like myself and Ariana, so thank you,” Anne said.

STEPS  are now accepting enrolments for 2019 for both boarding and day students. To find out more information about STEPS Pathways College including enrolment dates call us on  07 5458 3000 .

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