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In Melissa’s first year at STEPS Pathways College, she was voted by her classmates and trainers as the “most likely
to move to a big city”.

After two years at the College, that prediction is coming true as Melissa utilises her newfound life skills to gain life-changing independence.

Graduating from STEPS Pathways College with the 2021 cohort, Melissa is well on her way to achieving her goals.

Originally from a small town near Cairns, Melissa is now packing up her belongings and moving out from her family
home to live independently on the Sunshine Coast.

“When I started at the College, I had four short term goals and one long term goal,” Melissa said.

“Short term, I wanted to get independence, feel confident, learn confidence with public transport, and get a job.

“Long term I want to get married and have a family.”

Melissa happily adds that all of her short-term goals have been achieved while at the College and with the help of
the trainers she describes as “the number one” group of people.

Melissa is particularly proud of her improvement when it comes to using public transport, adding that while she still
“sometimes gets nervous”, she is “always practicing and trying”.

STEPS Pathways College has also helped Melissa become confident about what she wants to do in her future – work
with children.

With one of Melissa’s long-term goals surrounding having a family of her own, Melissa is excited to
delve into her nurturing side.

“I’m getting a job at a creche in the RSL, I’ll be working with children,” Melissa said.

“I have done work experience in Cairns; I did volunteer work at a day-care centre.”

Melissa adds that STEPS Pathways College was crucial in providing the skills relating to her new role, with the
trainers happy to adapt her learning to suit her aspirations.

Melissa describes “patience, resilience, and the importance of overcoming fears” as three key lessons of her time at
STEPS Pathways College.

“The change we have seen in Melissa since she began with us two years ago is unbelievable,” Jason Keen, Melissa’s
trainer said.

“She has become so confident in who she is and all that she is capable of.

“I have no doubt that I’ll be getting updates on her great progress in the years to come.”

Melissa will be taking all these memories, along with her new life skills, into her new life after graduation.

“I am so grateful to have been able to come to STEPS Pathways College and learn,” Melissa concluded.

“They have given me an opportunity to live independently; I’m very happy now.”

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