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Every week is different at STEPS Pathways College. Activities often reflect what’s going on in the wider world and are always aimed at teaching independence. Learning is both theoretical and experiential and time is spent consolidating skills learned.


Our students took part in the recent federal action. They did a pre-poll vote after time spent learning about the process of voting. We focused on how to decide who to vote for and used Vote Compass, a tool developed by political scientists to explore how an individual’s opinions line up with that of candidates. A series of 30 questions helps identify which candidates are aligned with an individual’s views. Not all our students chose to vote.

Jobs at the RSL

Two of our graduates have gained part-time employment at the Caloundra RSL. Ari and Morgan are excited to have this opportunity to get out into the workforce and increase their skills. We would like to thank the Caloundra RSL for believing in their abilities and work ethic.

Cooking Skills

STEPS Pathways College Trainer and qualified chef Symon Molony, has been teaching our students to cook up a storm. He highlights the use of simple, fresh ingredients to make tasty and nutritious foods. The aroma wafting from our onsite commercial kitchen on cooking days is divine! Chilli con carne and bruschetta have been on the menu so far.  Some of the students used adaptive technology, including knives with modified handles to assist with grip.

Cooking skills.

Personal Hygiene

We have been focussing on personal hygiene over recent weeks – not just on the ‘what’ (like, clean your teeth twice daily), but on the ‘why’ behind it (i.e. to prevent decay). Although many of our personal hygiene habits become automatic, it;s important to understand why they are important in order to consolidate them as lifetime behaviours.


A visit to the theatre

This week, students caught a bus and train to Nambour to watch the local disability theatre group perform their latest play.

Going to the theatre.

The play was based on a 007 theme and proved very entertaining. While not all students are theatre buffs, most enjoyed the day.

Amazing Race Day

Learning about riding the bus.

Students raced around the Sunshine Coast – including Nambour, Landsborough, Maroochydore and Mooloolaba – using trains, buses, cars, and taxis. They were given a list of clues to solve which would lead them to their next destination. They had to read timetables, look up the internet, solve problems, and ask for help when they needed it. Everyone finished the courses successfully, some learning from mistakes they made along the way. The Race Day is part of the Community Connections module of the Pathways program and uses experiential (and immersive) learning to teach the safe use of public transport.

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