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Day Program offers free two-day trial

STEPS Pathways College is offering young adults with a disability the chance to join classes as a part of the Day Program, ahead of 2019 enrolments. The Day Program gives Sunshine Coast locals [...]


From the trainer’s desk: September

Staying safe in the community is such an important aspect of being an independent adult, and it was our overarching topic this month at STEPS Pathways College. In the classroom, we looked at [...]


From the trainer’s desk: August

August has been an exciting month with many new experiences, challenges and accomplishments for everyone at STEPS Pathways College! One of the most exciting things has of course been the start of [...]


From the trainer’s desk: July

For the first half of July the students at STEPS Pathways College enjoyed a well-earned break. We always love hearing their stories when they return, especially about how they have taken the [...]


From the trainer’s desk: June

We’ve had a productive month at STEPS Pathways College, finishing one topic and starting another as we raced towards our end of term break. In June we completed our healthy living skills unit and [...]


STEPS set to feature in conference exploring innovation in disability employment

A few of our staff are heading to Sydney this month to represent STEPS Group Australia at the 2018 Disability at Work: The Next Frontier Conference. Held over two days, this year’s conference [...]


From the trainer’s desk: May

At STEPS Pathways College this month we studied one of my favourite topics, healthy living skills. Healthy living skills are such an important aspect of living independently. We last visited this [...]


STEPS volunteer Linda is learning and loving it

Avid gardener, reader and learner, Linda Ritchie has been volunteering at STEPS Pathways College in a supportive role for almost a year. Linda said she loves being a part of a program that [...]


From the trainer’s desk: April

In the classroom and out, April was an exciting month at STEPS Pathways College as we tackled a new topic, and the boarding students continued to practice their independent living skills back in [...]


From the trainer’s desk: March

March was another positive month at STEPS Pathways College and students continued their journey towards independence by building independent living skills. This month’s focus was communication in [...]

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